Posted by: Maria | March 6, 2012

Thinking about sewing

I find myself thinking about sewing.  I find myself thinking about sewing a lot. I have even dreamed about sewing.  My sewing thoughts happen at all times of the day, including when I should be paying attention to something else.  Mostly I think about future projects, and I visualize how I will go about creating the project, and imagine possibilities, and come up with new ideas. The project I’m working on and thinking about right now is yet another tote bag based on these instructions, but with some variations. Now that I’ve worked with interfacing for the first time, I will use it on this bag to give it more structure and sturdiness. I also plan to add internal pockets, and I’m going to attempt to box the corners to add depth to the bag. I also want to add a cloth divider to the bag so that it has two separate sections. I have an idea how to do this, but I’m not sure if it will work. I spent yesterday evening cutting my fabric and ironing on the fusible interfacing, and tonight I’ll be ready to sew!  A post and pictures will follow, of course.



  1. You sound like me! I mull over something I am going to make for days before I do it. If it has a problem I am yet to figure out a solution for it disturbs my sleep! I also have discovered I feel much less frustrated and rush less if I cut everything one night and sew the next 🙂

    • I agree–taking a few days to work on the project definitely helps me feel less rushed and much calmer and patient!

  2. […] a few nights ago, I made the tote bag that I’d been plotting in my head for the past few days.  I successfully used the fusible interfacing to make the bag and handles a […]

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